The Benefits Of Clear Plastic Packaging

Posted on October 4, 2021

clear plastic packagingThe right packaging for your products is important. It’s what showcases your product in the best light and attracts customers to make a purchase. Your packaging also needs to protect your products from physical damage as well as other external factors that can degrade your product, such as weather, water, heat, or cold.

Without the right packaging, your product is vulnerable. It can also become less desirable than the products of your competitors if they have their packaging right.

When choosing the best type of packaging for your products or business, you can be faced with an astonishing array of options. Some of the most popular packaging materials used today are:

  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Foam
  • Aluminum
  • Fabric
  • Plastic

All of these materials can look great when used appropriately, but most of them have limitations. Glass is heavy and prone to damage. Cardboard is extremely versatile but also easily damaged, especially if it gets wet. Foam only works as a protective element. And fabric and aluminum are only suitable for a limited numbers or amounts.

Plastic, on the other hand, is by far the most versatile of all the packaging types. Its durability is unmatched by its rivals. It is low-cost, attractive, and waterproof. And it protects its contents from things that challenge packages in transit.

Plastic is one of the most widely used products on the planet. You can find it in everything from automobiles to bike helmets, cell phones, and surgical equipment. Besides its presence in products, it is one of the most popular packaging materials used today.

There are hundreds of varieties of plastic packaging available. Having examined them all, we feel that the benefits of clear plastic packaging outweigh all other plastic types.

So What Are The Benefits Of Clear Plastic Packaging?

The main benefits of using clear plastic packaging are:


One of the biggest advantages of plastic packaging is it is extremely cheapest to produce. While aluminum and paper products can compete with plastics price-wise, they do not offer some of the other advantages listed below.


Most plastic packaging is clear, which allows you to showcase your product. Product marketing has a lot to do with consumers’ likelihood to choose a product. Clear plastic allows your product to be visible to the prospective buyer, not hidden behind a wall of opaque packaging.

The only alternative that affords this feature is glass, which can be costly to design and produce. It is also heavy and breakable.

Customers love to identify and view the actual product they’re purchasing, and they can’t do this if it’s hidden under layers of packaging. Viewing the real-deal is far better than looking at a picture on the side of a cardboard box. You’ve likely invested a huge amount of time, money, and effort in getting your product to market. It stands to reason that you want to display the item at every opportunity. Clear plastic packaging allows you to show off the beautiful design of your product. For example, a clear plastic tube will showcase an intricate perfume bottle in a stunning manner without overshadowing the design.


Consumers don’t always understand what they’re getting for their money. A lot of products come with accessories or “extras” that accompany the primary product. A doll that comes with several items of clothing and lifestyle accessories is a good example of this. Clear plastic packaging shows the consumer exactly what they will receive.


One of the biggest benefits of plastic packaging is that it can stand up to the elements and to any abuse it suffers in transportation. While other products like paperboard are lightweight and cheap, they are not waterproof. Plastic is durable and weatherproof, which makes it easy to ship or stack inside cartons or on store shelves. If one is dropped on the floor, it is unlikely to become damaged, which reduces the cost implications of damaged stock.

Environmentally Friendly

Many companies prefer glass or paper packaging since it can be repurposed. But glass recycling is both costly and energy-intensive. Paper packaging, while recyclable, comes from trees and contributes to deforestation.

Plastics use less water and energy in their production than other packaging products. Their lighter weight also is good for the environment since it reduced fuel consumption in transportation.

Plastics get a bad name for ending up in waterways and polluting other outdoor spaces. But proper disposal or recycling of these products eliminates this threat.

Other Benefits

  • Clear plastic packaging is especially advantageous for products that come in a gift-set or if there is a group of products that can be purchased as one “lot.” Using cardboard inserts, the products can be attractively displayed within the clear plastic packaging in an unlimited manner of ways.
  • Clear plastic packaging can look extremely upmarket and classy. This is especially the case for products like cosmetics or jewelry.
  • You can easily change the printed design and product information without changing the packaging itself.

By looking at these benefits, it’s hard to argue that there’s a more suitable option for protecting and showing off your products. There are very few downsides to using clear plastic packaging, if any.

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