High-Quality Clear Fishing Rod Tubes

Posted on August 19, 2021

Are you looking for a way to make your fishing rods stand out from the competition? Often it’s the little touches that can make a big difference to customers, which is where clear fishing rod tubes can really come into their own.

Rather than simply being plastic packaging, a carefully designed, durable fishing rod tube can be used for storage, protection, display, and more. Read on to discover the benefits that fishing rod tubes can provide. In addition, we consider why fishing rod sellers, manufacturers, rental firms, and related businesses are choosing a custom rod tube to meet the specific requirements of their audience.

clear plastic fishing tubesExcellent Protection Whilst in Transit

The most obvious advantage of packing a rod in a tough, clear plastic tube is that it gets a high level of protection during shipping. Regardless of the shipping method used, there’s a possibility that your product will arrive damaged if it’s not adequately packaged. Why risk it?

A durable, robust tube is going to protect your rods, optimizing the chances they arrive at their destination in one piece. With some rods costing thousands of dollars, it makes sense to invest in a high-grade container for it during transit.

On-going Storage

Some fishing enthusiasts will already have a suitable carrying case, that’s been designed to keep rods and related equipment safely and correctly stored. This may not be the case for all fishermen/women, which is where the packaging as storage concept comes into its own.

If a rod arrives in a premium storage tube, the new owner may well decide to hang on to it, to keep their rod in good condition until it’s needed.

Protection on the Move

It’s not just whilst a rod is in transit to reach a customer that it needs protection – when rod owners take their rods out to fish or pack them away to transport elsewhere, they need durable packaging that will ensure the rod travels safely. Clear fishing rod tubes are perfect for ongoing protection whenever it’s needed.

Unlike a cardboard tube, a plastic option won’t start to deteriorate over time. If a rod owner wants to transport their rod elsewhere in a year or two, the plastic tube it arrived in is going to still be in perfect condition to protect the rod on the next leg of its travels.

A Green Alternative

Nobody wants to throw an item away that has an alternative use. A growing number of Americans prefer to find green alternatives, which is where a clear plastic fishing rod tube really comes into its own. Its durable nature means that it can be used as rod storage for many years. Alternatively, it can be used to store other items that have a similar shape.

Long-lasting Tube

Clear fishing rod tubes are built to last. The synthetic compounds used to create the tubes are waterproof and don’t deteriorate when subjected to UV light – a great option when you have a window display that might catch the sun or display products outside.

The tubes can withstand a fair degree of stress – if you want a particularly tough tube, there are thicker plastics available that can be used as part of a custom order.

Economical Storage – Perfect for Larger Volumes

Plastic rod tubes are a relatively inexpensive form of packaging and/or storage, especially when compared with the alternatives. They serve as both display packaging and a form of packaging that’s suitable for shipping. This dual role reduces packaging costs overall.

Using a good-quality tube also reduces the likelihood of damage to your rod stock, which is another potential saving.

A Good Display Option

When you invest in clear fishing rod tubes, not only have you got some durable, ready-to-go packaging, you’ve also got a good way of displaying the rods to advantage.

Customers can easily see the design and features of the rod, without needing to handle the item. This not only protects unsold rods from potential damage, it also ensures they remain free of smears, dirt, and grime. Plastic tubes are easy to wipe down and dust, making stock display maintenance a fast, straightforward task.

The rod tubes are robust enough to be stacked safely.  They can also be moved easily to provide different display configurations. If you want a customized option, why not opt for a tube with a square cross-section? Depending on your storage space, square-shaped tubes may take up less space, and facilitate tidier storage.

Have you Considered a Customized Plastic Rod Tube?

As well as standard clear fishing rod tubes from Petro Packaging, it’s also possible to opt for a customized design. If you decide on a custom tube, you get to choose the material, the dimensions, and even the color of your tubes. This level of choice allows customers to order specialist tubes that are tailored to meet the specific needs of their business and product.

Created to the exact specifications of your rods

If your products include an extra-long rod or a rod that has unusual dimensions, a custom tube is a perfect solution. Custom tubes can be created in any volume, so if you just need a small number of tubes for a highly specialized rod, for example, Petro Packaging can provide it.

Control over the Material Used

When you want your tube to have specific properties (such as being extra strong, or opaque), a custom product can be created that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Commission Tubes That Match Your Brand

As well as clear fishing rod tubes at Petro Packaging, we can create colored tubes as part of a custom order. Although clear tubes tend to be more popular, if you want colored tubes for a specific purpose, we’re happy to help.

Contact Petro Packaging to find out more about the way that clear fishing rod tubes give added value and a better customer experience, or to place your order for customized tubes or some of our stock plastic tubes.