Plastic Medical Tubes

Petro Packaging has over thirty years experience in the field of custom extrusions and clear plastic tube packaging for medical manufacturers throughout the United States. Many well-known medical companies rely on Petro Packaging to provide FDA approved clear packaging tubes to package and protect very valuable medical components. All custom plastic tubing produced for medical companies is manufactured from FDA approved materials, safe for medical applications and food contact.

Plastics Used

PETG and Propionate (CAP) materials are our two key FDA approved plastic resins used for our custom plastic packaging tubes. The tubes and corresponding removable caps add value by creating a see-thru, crush-proof protective package.

Common Uses

Our FDA approved clear packaging tubes include catheter tubing, micropipettes, and capillary tubing. Other tubing styles produced are round sealed bottom plastic tubes, threaded sealed bottom plastic tubes, and shaped sealed bottom plastic tubing, to name a few. Our engineers can also assist in the design of custom packaging applications to help accommodate non-standard orders.

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Whether you're new to the medical field or you've been involved for some time, there are always changes and advances to the way you can take care of your patients. If you're looking to take your tubing to the next level when it comes to price and longevity, be sure to contact us today.

FDA approved clear packaging tubes include:

Capillary Tubes - Micro Pipettes - Catheter Tubing