Our Custom Plastic Manufacturing Services

Posted on March 7, 2022

At Petro Packaging Company Inc, we know that each and every customer is different. Therefore, each has different requirements. Our stock plastic extrusions and tubes do a great job of providing many uses to different industries. But what happens when our stock extrusions and tubes aren’t quite what you’re looking for?

We like to provide our customers with a choice. In addition to our stock extrusions and tubes, we also provide custom plastic manufacturing. This means we can create tubes and extrusions in sizes and shapes to your exact specifications.

custom plastic manufacturingCustom Plastic Manufacturing: Extrusions

From the standard “U” shaped configuration to complex configurations, our plastic extrusions can be made in a huge variety of ways. This means that if you’re looking for something specific, we can usually provide it for you. Our in-house tool and die makers and experienced staff make this possible.

The main materials we use for extrusions are PETG copolymer, Tenite CAB, and clear Tenite CAP plastics to create a high-quality, long-lasting, and robust product for our customers. We can use different types of plastic to the ones listed, so if you want a different material, let us know when requesting your custom order.

Customer Plastic Manufacturing: Tubes

Our custom tubing is used in a wide variety of ways, including:

  • Plastic Lab Tubes
  • Component Storage Tubes
  • Soil Sampling Tubes
  • Mailing Tubes
  • Retail Packaging Tubes
  • Bird Feeders

As well as these applications, our custom plastic tubing can be used in many more ways. Whatever you need them for, we can usually provide them as long as they remain within our dimensional limitations:

  • Minimum Outer Dimension – 0.125” Maximum Outer Dimension – 5.125” Minimum Wall Thickness – 0.010” Maximum Wall Thickness – 0.375”

We also use PETG copolymer, Tenite CAB, and clear Tenite CAP for our custom tubing. We are not limited to these materials, so if you need something a bit different, talk to us about your requirements and we’ll do our best to accommodate your demands.

Plastic Packaging Tubes

We specialize in all forms of tubing to display, protect and ship as needed. Utilizing the best raw materials, we produce seamless, semi-rigid, clear and shatterproof containers.

These are thin wall containers offering max protection against dirt and dust. Lightweight and convenient, our plastics promise to enhance visual impact while safeguarding content integrity.

Get a sealed bottom or open end. Pair containers with plugs or caps. But rest assured regardless of options, our custom plastic manufacturing services exceed expectations.

Markets and Industries Served

Petro Packaging Company Inc is proud to serve a wide variety of markets and industries. Through our custom plastic manufacturing, we create vital components and packaging. Currently, we make plastic tubing and extrusions for:

Our custom plastic manufacturing process means that no matter how specialized the requirement is, we can usually fulfill it for the above industries and markets. If your business works in a different market or industry, we could still provide what you need. Just talk to us about what you do, and we’ll be able to tell you if our custom or stock products are suitable.

Why Custom Plastic Tubing?

More and more productions have chosen custom plastic manufacturing as opposed to alternatives like metal. Here’s why.

The Material Is Lightweight

A company likes Petro, specialists in the field, understands reconfiguring your tubes and containers to enhance matches with your production runs.

Disconnection and relocation, say, around a plant, is easy as plastic is so lightweight. Whether particularly large or long, dis- and reassembly will go smoothly and you get back to work fast!

Custom Plastic Tubing Bends But Doesn’t Break

Running metal at awkward angles is a chore. It can require cutting multiple pieces and rigging them with fasteners.

With Petro, you design custom plastic tubing to the needs of the production line. The plastic solution has flexibility, something you can’t depend on with other materials.

It’s Recyclable and Nontoxic

Plastic is nontoxic. It will not dilute or hamper any materials you run through the tubing. Plastic is also exceptionally recyclable. No matter how you utilize our products, you minimize your eco-footprint. This will be especially true whenever you send your old tubing off to the recycling center.

It Offers Long-term Durability

Plastic is durable. It safely protects its contents at all times. It’s resistant to corrosion. Your custom plastic can last years, saving you money in replacements and repairs.

How To Create a Custom Order

We always want ensure 100% customer satisfaction. That’s why we offer each of our new customers a free consultation so we can discuss your needs and requirements in-depth. If we feel our products are a good match for you, then the next step is to request a quote.

Once you’ve received the quote, we will then work to provide you with a sample size for your testing and approval. Only after you approve the sample will we move forward with your full order.

We feel that doing things this way ensures that our customers get exactly what they need without wasting any time and money. By making an effort to get things right from the get-go, you’ll be enjoying a superior product that fits your needs 100%.

If you’d like to understand more about our custom plastic manufacturing or to receive a quote, get in touch with us today. Our website enables you to read more information about our products as well as clicking for a quote. Alternatively, you can talk to us by calling 908-272-4054, email: [email protected], or arrange to see us in person at Petro Packaging Company Inc. 16 Quine Street Cranford, NJ 07016

If you’re looking for a reputable and reliable company to create your custom plastic extrusions and tubes, then look no further than Petro Packaging Company Inc. Our third-generation family business has been the front runner in our industry since the ’60s. Furthermore, we’re proud to say that all our manufacturing is carried out on American soil, guaranteeing you a high-quality product. For your free consultation, get in touch with Petro Packaging Company Inc right away and see what we can provide for you.