Shaped Open Ended Plastic Tubes

Shaped open ended tubes offer a more symmetrical look by utilizing two plug caps to close each end and they are often utilized to prevent the package and its contents from rolling when placed on a horizontal surface. This item can be made-to-order where the customer specifies the length of the tube, or they can be purchased in prepackaged cases of 18” lengths. When ordered by the case, customers have the ability to cut tubes to their desired length with a pair of scissors. Prepackaged cases are a great option for customers who are unsure of their required length, or who have a need for small quantities of varying lengths of tubes. We offer a variety of different shaped containers.

Shaped Open Ended Tubes

Sizes Offered:

1 1/80.0181.036x
1 1/40.0181.036x
Cap and Plug images, descriptions and color choices can be found on our Caps and Plugs page.

Material Offered:

This product is manufactured from Clear Tenite™ CAP (Cellulose Acetate Propionate) which is approved by the FDA for contact with food and pharmaceuticals.