Why You Should Use Clear Mailing Tubes With Caps

Posted on November 6, 2023

Maybe you’re a manufacturer of physical goods? Maybe you resell items online? Perhaps you’re just looking to ship something to a friend across the country?

In any of these cases, you should strongly consider using clear mailing tubes with caps. The benefits of mailing tubes are many. To illustrate this, we’re going to discuss these benefits in detail below.

Clear Mailing Tubes With CapsThey’re Tough

First and foremost, clear mailing tubes are tough. They hold up through all sorts of wear and tear and thus ensure that their contents don’t get damaged during transit.

Worried about your shipment being smashed by other boxes? In the vast majority of cases, using clear mailing tubes will eliminate this worry entirely.

Are you afraid that something might cut into your shipment during transit? Again, a clear mailing tube will ensure that this doesn’t happen.

If you want to get your items from place to place in one piece, invest in clear mailing tubes. They’ll provide the protection needed to make it happen.

They’re Waterproof

Not only are plastic mailing tubes tough, but they’re also waterproof. The plastic used to manufacture them will keep any and all moisture away from the contents contained within.

Their caps are designed to screw on in an airtight manner. As such, water won’t seep in through them either.

This isn’t true of many other shipping packaging types. For instance, a cardboard box isn’t going to keep water out. So, if waterproof capabilities are a high priority, give these serious consideration.

They Can Be Used to Display Items

Clear mailing tubes are, well, clear or transparent. Because of this, they can be used to display the items within them. This can be beneficial when marketing an item on a store shelf.

After all, customers won’t have to think about what the product looks like. They’ll be able to see it in all its glory.

Mailing tubes come in a variety of sizes. So, regardless of what you’re shipping, you should be able to find a mailing tube that meets your needs.

They Have Staying Power

It’s not common for a consumer to keep a box from a product they bought. Sure, you might use it to move some items from place to place, but you’ll soon throw it away. In other words, there’s no lasting use for it.

Plastic tubes are different, though. They’re unique compared to most packaging options and therefore have more staying power. They’re not only more aesthetically pleasing over time but more functional as well.

Now, this is obviously a benefit for the consumer, as they’re able to get further use out of the tube after it’s been purchased. How exactly can this help you, the distributor, though? By allowing you to market your company continually to the same customer time and time again.

Let’s say you put your company’s name on the tube. Now, every time one of your customers uses the tube, they’ll see your name and remember that your company exists. This will make them more likely to buy from you in the future.

This is why it can be beneficial to invest in packaging with staying power. Clear mailing tubes with caps have this staying power.

They Enable Cheap Branding

Another benefit of using clear mailing tubes is that they enable cheap branding. This is because they don’t need to be printed on. They don’t require adhesive labels either, as a box might.

Instead, you can simply create a flyer containing your branding and put it inside the tube. Because the tube is transparent, the content of the flyer will be entirely visible and thus convey your company’s name and branding thoroughly.

This is much cheaper than printing on cardboard or using adhesives. In fact, you could even create flyers using your own handwriting, which would save you money on printing ink.

They’ll Help You Stand Out

As we’ve noted, clear mailing tubes aren’t commonly used to ship items to customers. When it comes to the battle of mailing tubs vs. boxes, boxes win by a landslide.

The thing, however, is that you can use this imbalance to your advantage. Namely, you can use clear mailing tubes instead of boxes as a means of helping your company stand out.

Think about it. When you receive a cardboard box, it’s just one of many. There’s likely very little differentiating it from the other cardboard boxes you’ve received.

When you receive a clear mailing tube, however, it’s radically different from what you typically receive purchased items in. The effect of this is that you take greater note of it. You examine it more and remember it better in the future.

Of course, you’re not just remembering it, but the company attached to it as well. If you remember the company attached, you’re likely to do business with that company somewhere down the line.

They Keep Items Locked in Place During Transit

One last reason to use clear mailing tubes is to keep items locked in place during transit. Items don’t have much space to move around, and so they won’t bounce off one another at high impact while being transported through the mail system.

This reduces the risk of damage during transit, and thus keeps your costs down. It also makes for a better experience for your customers.

When using boxes for shipping, this isn’t always the case. Sure, you could stuff your boxes with additional padding. However, that’s just going to increase your costs.

Mailing tubes keep the process simple while also keeping costs to a minimum. So, if you can fit your products into mailing tubes, they’re the ideal option.

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