About Petro Packaging

Petro Packaging Company Inc. is a third-generation family owned and operated company based in northern New Jersey. In the 60’s we pioneered the use of CAB, CAP, and PETG materials in extrusion, and we have since become a renowned name in the plastics industry. We offer the most comprehensive selection of extrusions for many unique applications, and our forty-plus years of experience coupled with the dedication to processing a variety of thermoplastic materials has made us your premier extrusion house for plastic tubes and profiles.
Family Owned Business

Petro Packaging Company Inc. sets itself apart from the competition in a number of ways. Customer orders large and small are handled with the same level of excellence that we have become known for. Keeping abreast of customer requirements, providing quality products, and being available to our customers on a personal level have proven to be our company’s greatest attributes. Our knowledgeable sales team works closely with every customer to ensure their needs are met. Sales representatives are available to answer any questions, accommodate special requests, and they work continuously to keep you in-the-loop regarding your products manufacturing and shipping timeline. Our experienced engineering team aids in the research, design, and development of every product, and they have the capability to design and manufacture extrusion tooling in house. Our engineers will even work to develop special added value tooling to ensure you receive the complete product you desire.

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