Clear Plastic Tubes for Industrial Tool Packaging

Posted on March 23, 2018

url2End Mills…Drill Bits…Bearings…Gears…Welding Rods…Machine Parts…Gages…Etc. Whatever the industry, one thing is certain. Our clear plastic tubes for industrial tool packaging prevent damage to your valuable products during shipping and handling. For over four decades, Petro Packaging has been an innovative supplier of clear plastic packaging tubing, providing a cost effective method to protect industrial tooling from the manufacturing floor to the retail display. Crystal clear with tight fitting closures, Petro Packaging’s clear plastic tubes for Industrial tool packaging, have also been proven to attract customer attention, strengthen brand awareness, and create more market opportunity. Unique colors and styles of closures help to differentiate product lines and organize tool systems either at home or on the factory floor. Visit to see which size tubes best fit your needs.