Clear Plastic Tubes for Industrial Tool Packaging

Posted on June 23, 2021


Plastic Protective Tubes Add Value

Could high-grade drill bit packaging add value to your product? The reality is that customers are now demanding more than ever from their suppliers. This means that every part of your client experience needs to be better than that of your competitors if you want to keep sales high. The right drill-bit packaging materials could make a measurable difference to your bottom line. Take a look at five reasons that protective end caps enhance the appeal of your drill bit product.

Protect Your Goods in Transit

Events over the past eighteen months have accelerated the trend towards online purchasing. Customers rarely visit a store or outlet in person, preferring to order digitally and have their products delivered. As a supplier, if your products are going to be entrusted to the postal service or a courier, protective packaging for drill bits is essential if they are going to arrive in perfect condition.

Post-purchase Storage

When buyers invest in a product, they usually want to prolong its useful lifespan as far as possible. Specialist drill bit packaging can be used to keep each bit protected when not in use. Plastic drill bit covers provide protection for drill bits and provide an excellent aid to storage.

Enhanced Sustainability

Research shows that customers care about the planet and prefer packaging that can be either recycled or reused. Plastic caps for drill bits offer long-lasting protection. Initially used as packing material, they also assist with ongoing storage. Rather than being discarded once the product has reached its destination, plastic drill bit storage tubes continue to be of use.

Differentiate Between Different Bits

Plastic end caps for bits and rods can be manufactured so that different drill bits have a unique end cap. This can help users to quickly work out which drill bit they need, rather than laboriously attempting to read the figures etched on the bit itself.

Stand out From the Crowd

It’s the little differences that make your product stand out for the right reasons. Bulk drill bit packaging is an economical way to add value to your drill bits, as well as optimize the chances they are transported safely to customers. Ideal for manufacturers that want to provide the very best customer experience, hard-wearing, effective end caps provides a great addition to your packaging materials.

End caps are a cheap, effective innovation that protects your product and enable end-users to differentiate between drill bits and store them appropriately. Bulk-buy end caps to get the very best prices.  With so many advantages, it’s little wonder a growing number of manufacturers are utilizing plastic end caps on their drill bits and related products.

drill bit packagingEnd Mills…Drill Bits…Bearings…Gears…Welding Rods…Machine Parts…Gages…Etc.

Whatever the industry, one thing is certain. Our clear plastic tubes for industrial tool packaging prevent damage to your valuable products during shipping and handling. For over four decades, Petro Packaging has been an innovative supplier of clear plastic packaging tubing, providing a cost effective method to protect industrial tooling from the manufacturing floor to the retail display. Crystal clear with tight fitting closures, Petro Packaging’s clear plastic tubes for Industrial tool packaging, have also been proven to attract customer attention, strengthen brand awareness, and create more market opportunity. Unique colors and styles of closures help to differentiate product lines and organize tool systems either at home or on the factory floor. Visit to see which size tubes best fit your needs.