Cosmetic Sample Packaging Options At Petro Packaging

Posted on January 28, 2021

What’s in your makeup bag?

Or, rather, your makeup supplies that need packaging. Do you have brushes, lipsticks, foundations galore but are unable to package it the perfect, professional way you want?

You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to give you a guide to our options for your cosmetic sample packaging. Featured packaging with cap options, custom widths and lengths, and even recyclable materials? Yes please.

Read more to find out how we cater perfectly to you.

makeup brushes and other cosmeticsClear Plastic Packaging Tubes

The highest quality is what we strive for at Petro Packaging Co. That’s why our plastic is crafted with seamless, shatterproof materials. Always sparkling, our crystal-clear containers feature strong, thin walls and a penchant for quality.

Your product is featured through our clear sample cosmetic packaging to ensure the most truthful display you can have. Every inch, twist, and turn that your cosmetics have will be shown proudly through our quality packaging.

Safely shippable, Petro Packaging ensures that your products will arrive in perfect condition, ready to be used. Your cosmetics will be hidden from dust and dirt, delivering on our commitment to safety.

Our offering of sealed bottom plastic tubes is our most popular — the easily customizable option. Made to order, you’re able to specify what dimensions you need to suit your product’s needs.

Our sealed bottom tubes are manufactured specifically to have a sealed base, proving a strong protection for your product. You’ll need one of our caps or plugs to fully seal the tube with your product in it.

Round Sealed Bottom Plastic Tubes

Utilizing our Clear Tenite™ CAP (Cellulose Acetate Propionate) materials, the round sealed bottom plastic tube is FDA approved and safe for cosmetic products. We offer various sizes to fit anything you need — whether that be a kabuki brush or an eyelash curler.

Because of the round sealed bottom plastic tube’s rounded shape, we recommend using this tube to package your beauty blenders, round powder brushes, or kabuki brushes.

Your label and logo will be created to the model of this tube, as well as your choice of a cap or a plug. We recommend using a simple, aesthetically pleasing plug cap. This will tie off your cosmetic products safely and securely.

Threaded Sealed Bottom Plastic Tubes

Our threaded sealed bottom plastic tubes are made with our Clear Tenite™ CAP (Cellulose Acetate Propionate) materials and models a rounded tube shape as well.

The tube is then deeply and carefully threaded on one opening, using our specialized threading process. The threaded cap is paired with this tube, twisting into place as our most secure package.

This tube is most often used for heavy or loose items, so we suggest using the threaded sealed bottom tube for products such as spoolie brushes, lipstick and lip gloss tubes, and tweezers.

We also encourage the use of liquids or creams with this tube, such as perfume, foundations, concealers, or powders. Because of the tight seal of the threaded sealed bottom tube, your cosmetic sample packaging is contained tightly with no worries of leaks.

With the sealed integrity of this tube, your product is safe. Your label and logo will be fitted for this tube, showing off your cosmetic sample with the packaging’s crystal clear materials.

cosmetic samplesShaped Sealed Bottom Plastic Tubes

These shaped sealed bottom plastic tubes are our unique, made-just-for-you tubes. Using our Clear Tenite™ CAP (Cellulose Acetate Propionate) plastic, we offer square sealed shapes and triangle sealed shapes.

Because of the versatility of this tube, you’re able to use the shapes and sizes to your advantage. Your products will fit snugly or loosely, depending on your preference. We recommend using the shaped sealed bottom tubes for products like silicone blenders, eyelash curlers, fan brushes, or angled/contour brushes.

You also can use our shaped tubes to hold false eyelashes, face masks, or facial massage tools.

The shaped sealed bottom plastic tube fits with our plug cap. Applied to the open end of the tube, the plug cap’s specialized capabilities hold your product in place.

Because of the unique shapes and sizes we offer in the shaped sealed bottom plastic tubes, you have free reign when it comes to what you decide to use it for. The quality and style of this tube will stand out to your customers and will feature your brand, front and center.

Round Open Ended Plastic Tubes

Our round open ended tubes are unique — using 2 of our plug caps. One on each end, this method will easily and aesthetically secure your cosmetic samples and show them off at the same time.

You can order these made-to-order, or you can buy these in cases of 18-inch lengths. These 18-inch length tubes are perfect for your own customization: if you don’t know the length of the product you want to showcase or if you need a small quantity of various lengths.

Since these round open ended plastic tubes offer a double-ended opening, we recommend using them for eyeshadow brushes, eyebrow kits, or lip liner packaging. Featuring 2 of our plug caps, you can customize the colors of these to fit your brand.

The 360° model of the round open ended plastic tubes represents your cosmetic products proudly.

Shaped Open Ended Plastic Tubes

Like our shaped sealed bottom plastic tubes, the shaped open ended tube features several options of style, including square and triangle shapes.

With the double plug cap use, you can use the shaped open ended plastic tube to house products such as mini eyeshadow palettes, small combs, and press-on nails.

The versatility of this tube means that you’re able to fit this tube to your needs simply. You’ll have the option to customize the colors of your plug caps and the label that the tube is paired with.

Custom Cosmetic Sample Packaging

If none of the above precisely fits what you’re looking for, we even offer custom tube packaging. You have the ability to work with our team to create the perfect packaging for you.

To start, we offer dimension widths from 0.125 inches to 5.125 inches and wall thickness from 0.010 inches to 0.375 inches. We also offer round, oval, rectangular, square, and triangular shapes to fit the tube to your product.

Of course, your sealed bottom or open ended tube will be fit to the right cap or plug, ensuring that your cosmetic samples will be kept secure.

Your Products Sealed With Care

Every brand deserves quality, eco-friendly, and hassle-free packaging to suit their products.

You’ve come to the right place: your new cosmetic sample packaging suppliers. Contact us and find out how Petro Packaging Co. delivers on their promise: excellence service, exceptional value, and the utmost safety.

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