Extruded Plastic Profiles: Our Capabilities And Sizes

Posted on June 6, 2022

When you’re trying to work on a project, you might find that you need plastic extrusion options to get the job done. These plastic sections and plastic angles make it easier for you to put together shelving, tubing systems, and other applications.

If you’re in need of plastic extrusions, you’ve got to check out the extruded plastic profiles at Petro Packaging. We’ve got tons of plastic sections made through a superior extrusion process.

So, are you looking for the perfect plastic extrusion? Keep reading to learn more about our different types of extruded plastic profiles.

Stock Plastic ExtrusionsWhat Are Extruded Plastic Profiles?

Not everyone is aware of what a profile extrusion is, so let’s take a minute to break down these products.

Profile extrusions are the extrusion of a product that is already shaped into a plastic tube, triangle, or another shape. Profile extrusions can be both solid or hollow, and range from window frames to door seals.

To process hollow shapes, a mandrel is placed inside a die to form the hollow sections. If you need multiple hollow sections on your profile extrusion then you’ll need to use multiple pins.

To create these hollow sections, an air source fills the center of the product to prevent it from collapsing and to maintain a vacuum. The air source usually helps maintain the right airflow in the cavity.

When manufacturers use more than one material, they have to use a co-extrusion process. Each extruder feeds a different material into the central die to create the final product.

How Are Extruded Plastic Profiles Made?

To make extruded plastic profiles, manufacturers melt raw plastic and form them into a melted material. They use a continuous profile to do so.

This high-volume process can be used to manufacture a number of different products. That includes LED light diffusers, bumpers, conveyor covers, edge protectors, and more.

The process is a green process, which means that it doesn’t damage the environment. And, the waste that’s produced is recyclable.

Benefits of Petro Packaging’s Extruded Plastic Profiles

We have tons of different extruded plastic profile options. And all of them offer tons of different benefits.

For one thing, our plastic extrusions have exceptional properties. They have crystal clarity, which means you can see straight through them so that you can visualize what the extrusion is storing.

On top of that, they have great chemical resistance. They can hold up well in a number of different applications, even under harsh chemical conditions.

You’ll also notice that our extruded plastic profiles have good bondability and are easily fabricated. That means that we can get them made and shipped out to you in no time!

Finally, we have standard 6-foot lengths. Because of our standardized processes, we can package up and ship out your extruded plastic profiles as soon as we’re done making them.

What Sets Petro Packaging’s L Channels Apart

There are tons of different plastics manufacturers out there, but none of them is quite like Petro Packaging. Here are a few things that set our packaging company apart.

Varied Materials

All extruded plastic profiles are made out of polymers. However, there are tons of different polymers out there and each one has a different use as well as different benefits.

When you work with most packaging companies, they’ll give you just one type of polymer to choose from. At our company, however, we offer several different materials for you to choose from:

  • Tenite CAP
  • PETG Copolymer
  • Tenite CAB

What’s more, we can work with other types of polymers upon request. Just give us a call to learn more about what types of polymers we have experience with and what we can use to make your plastic profile extrusions.

Customized Products

At Petro Packaging, we believe that you should have power over your decisions. That way you can make sure you’re getting the best possible extruded plastic profiles for your project.

Our team offers customized products. We allow you to choose the type of polymer you want to use, the shape of the extruded profile, and so much more so that you can create the perfect product.

In our process, we start by learning more about what it is that you’re creating and how our extruded profiles can help you. With this information, we can offer you valuable insights into your extruded profile options.

Next, we help you develop the right measurements for your extruded plastic profiles. Then, we use your choice of material to help you create the ideal extruded plastic profiles.

Years of Experience

When you’re buying extruded plastic profiles you want to make sure that you’re receiving a high-quality product. After all, you’re investing money in a device that will help you succeed in numerous different applications.

Luckily, when you purchase from Petro Packaging, you know that you’re receiving high-quality products that really will get the job done. That’s because our team has been in business for more than 50 years.

With so much experience under our belts, we’ve developed techniques that enable us to create the perfect plastic profile extrusions. We know what tricks of the trade are necessary to create a product that will last.

If you’re wanting to get high-quality plastic extruded profiles, you can count on Petro Packaging to help you thanks to our decades of experience.

Multiple Sizes

There are several size options available at Petro Packaging, as well. You can order most materials in standard six-foot or eight-food sizes which are easy to package up and use in just about any project!

If you want custom sizes, you can just let the team know. The company can create custom-sized pieces that fit into whatever application you have in mind for your extruded plastic profiles.

Shop the Perfect Extruded Plastic Profiles

Now that you know a little bit more about the extruded plastic profiles at Petro Packaging, you’ll be better equipped to make a solid purchasing decision. Our extruded plastic profiles could be the solution you’re looking for.

So, are you ready to get started with the perfect extruded plastic profiles? Get in touch with our team to order yours today!