Clear tubes for Point of Purchase Displays

Petro’s custom crystal clear tubes for cosmetics packaging are ideal for products of all shapes and sizes! Our thin wall tubes are extremely lightweight which creates an advantage for shipping. The durability of our “Shatter-proof” tubing plays a vital role in protecting the cosmetics inside, which are normally delicate and sometimes quite expensive. The crystal clear plastic showcases the product inside perfectly from any angle. Tube packaging with flat-top closures allow products to stand upright on shelves of retail stores which creates product differentiation- an appealing advantage for the competitive cosmetics industry. All packaging tubes are sized specifically for the cosmetic product inside! The crystal clear tubes for cosmetics packaging can be easily printed with your logo or custom artwork. They are reusable and can also serve as a protective carrying case for travel or everyday use. Select from a few of our more popular cosmetic packaging tube sizes, or send us your specific requirements and we’ll send you samples of the perfect fitting tube for your valuable cosmetics!

Standard Tweezer Tubes: ½” Triangle x 3 ¼” Lts. open end tubes with poly plugs ½” Round x 3” OL shell vials with poly plugs

Standard Make-Up Brush Tubes: 1” x 7” Lts. open end tubes with plugs and slip-on caps 1 ¼” x 6 ½” Lts. open end tubes with plugs and slip-on caps

Clear Tubes for Cosmetic Packaging are Great for: Creating a presence in the marketplace for new a new product

Product Differentiation -- Promotional gifts -- Retail packaging -- Storage