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Posted on December 3, 2021

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plastic lab tubesOur best line of defense against the threat of disease is to conduct widespread testing and vaccinations. With the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been more urgent to understand the scale of the problem and create a fast solution safely.

Testing people for COVID-19 allows medical experts to gain accurate numbers about the spread of the disease and to learn which individuals are most likely to be affected. Following this information, measures can be put into place to combat the rise of infections.

Even without the presence of COVID-19, continuous testing for viruses and diseases is still essential. Flu is a huge worldwide killer. Around 60,000 US citizens die of the virus each year while hundreds of thousands are hospitalized. Therefore, it’s crucial that widespread testing takes place so that the appropriate vaccine can be administered when necessary to protect as many people as possible.

Plastic Lab Tubes

A vital component of the test kit is the plastic lab tubes in which the samples are contained. The type of material used for plastic lab tubes is very important as it needs to create a protective, safe environment.

At Petro Packaging Company Inc, our plastic lab tubes are made from FDA- approved PETG and CAP plastics. These are protective and robust as well as safe to use in medical applications and food contact. This makes them perfect for use in COVID-19 test kits, flu test kits, and other types of test applications.

A Reliable Business

Demand is high for test kits, but supplies are difficult to come by. Petro Packaging Company Inc is a family-owned and run business, meaning we take responsibility for every aspect of the manufacturing and supply chain. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, as is ensuring we can meet the demands of our clients.

We understand the importance of having adequate medical testing kits available and on standby. We are ready and able to manufacture the lab tubes or any other plastic medical tubes required with quick turnaround time and fast, safe delivery.

The Benefits of Plastic Lab Tubes

Why choose Petro Packaging Company Inc for your lab tube requirements? Here are the benefits:

  • FDA-Approved Materials: When you’re looking for safe storage of substances and particles while withstanding exposure to various elements, trust our high-quality plastic that is FDA-compliant for use in laboratories and testing purposes.
  • Strong and robust: Not all plastic lab tubes are durable, and some can be flimsy enough to break with a little pressure. When you want to ensure that what you’re putting in your plastic tube remains safe and secure, choose high-quality materials and craftsmanship that make it possible.
  • Portable: In comparison to glass and other materials, our plastic lab tubes can be transported anywhere without having any damage. It is ideal in situations where home testing for infections and diseases is required. It is also light in weight, making carrying large quantities of lab tubes easier and more efficient. You won’t require any special equipment for transporting these lab tubes around either.
  • Crush-proof: Many experts are constantly worried about their lab tubes being subjected to pressure or weight and being destroyed in the process. However, the strong plastic used to make our tubes makes them virtually free from any damage, especially from high pressure or weight.
  • A transparent material with perfect clarity: If you’re unsure whether the particle or substance you’ve put in the lab tube is really there, it can be difficult to ascertain from the outside. Sometimes, after sealing your tube, you might not be able to open it again for fear of contamination. Our transparent plastic tubes make it easier for you to observe and view what’s inside at any time.
  • A safe environment: When you’re looking to ensure your test tube’s complete sanctity and hygiene, you don’t want any materials acting adversely with your collection. Our plastic lab tubes are safe to use in medical and food applications, making them safe to use without any adverse reactions.
  • Protective against contaminants: Any contaminants contained in the lab tube cause no effect on the material and structure of the tube. It ensures that the individual handling the lab tube is not affected by what’s inside it.
  • Chemical resistant: There is no leaching of inorganic species, which makes it ideal for various purposes. It is also resistant to a host of chemicals that are used in the food and medical industry. However, you should read the instructions or contact us if you’re planning on exposing it to any specific organic solvent.
  • Long shelf life: Plastic can stay for hundreds of years without losing its structural integrity when it’s stored properly. When you’re looking to place a bulk order but are worried about the durability, be assured that the highest-quality lab tubes will be supplied that can easily last you for many years.
  • Economical: When compared to glass, steel, or copper, plastic is the more economical choice. When you’re looking to buy in bulk, you can get a more discounted rate, which makes it ideal for when you have to do testing for large batches.
  • Custom: While we manufacture plastic tubing in various shapes and sizes, if your plastic lab tubes need to have special customization, we can make that possible. Our engineers are available to design your unique plastic lab tubes to fit your requirements easily.
  • Can be manufactured quickly and in large quantities: During this uncertain time, it is essential to increase manufacturing so testing can be done optimally. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait long for replacements to come along, which can keep the high testing rate ongoing without any obstacles.
  • Made in the USA

Petro Packaging Company Inc. plastic Lab tubes can be used for the following:

  • COVID-19 test kits
  • Influenza test kits
  • Infectious disease test kits
  • Bacterial swab test kits
  • Specimen collection
  • Solid or semi-solid material containment
  • Bacteriological, serological and cytological sample containment
  • DNA sample containment
  • Rapid diagnostic testing

A Range of Sizes to Suit Your Needs

Plastic lab tubes are usually in the 5/16” or 3/8” diameter sizes. However, we ensure we have a range of standard sealed bottom tubes in a range of sizes to suit our customer’s needs.

A comprehensive selection of caps and plugs are also available. Choose the option most appropriate for your requirements.

Our Response to COVID-19

We are committed to continuing to process orders for our customers and we have not experienced any interruptions within our supply chain. Adhering to cleanliness practices as outlined by the CDC, you can be reassured that our work stations are thoroughly disinfected and that we are employing rigorous hand-washing policies.

At present, non-employee site visits are not possible. Only employees may enter the building.

Getting in Touch With Petro Packaging Company Inc.

If you require plastic lab tubes from a reliable and reputable business, get in touch with our knowledgeable and friendly team today. You can call us during normal business hours at 908-272-4054, and we’ll be happy to provide a free consultation, a quote, or samples.

Additionally, you can check out our website for more information or email us at [email protected] with your queries. Our professional, dedicated team is looking forward to learning more about your needs.

If you can’t find what you need from our catalog of standard items, we are happy to discuss your requirements for a custom order. Our production capabilities are versatile and flexible, meaning we can fulfill custom orders for a multitude of industries.