Plastic Tube Retail Packaging – Seeing is Believing

Posted on April 2, 2019

plastic tube retail packagingInnovative Plastic Tube Retail Packaging

Many popular American food and beverages contain excess amounts of fat and sugar. Realizing the need to educate the population on the volume of these harmful ingredients, Lipo Visuals developed plastic tube retail packaging to be used by professionals and consumers alike. Hot wax is inserted into the clear tubes to symbolize the fat content of a variety of staples. Educators and nutritionists can then use the filled tube container as a teaching aid to instruct about the dangers of a high fat or high sugar diet. SEEING IS BELIEVING! Petro Packaging has manufactured a plastic tube for retail packaging with amazing precision and clarity for Lipo Visuals . Our custom plastic tubes are made-to-order so you can specify any length and diameter to fit your project needs. Contact us with your project specifications or request samples!