Clear Plastic Packaging Tubes

Utilizing the finest raw materials in the industry, Petro Packaging Co. Inc manufactures crystal clear, seamless, shatterproof, semi-rigid, thin wall containers. These containers are incredibly lightweight, convenient and cost effective. Affording maximum protection against dust and dirt, our flexible containers let your product shine through, optimizing its visual impact while protecting its integrity. These containers are offered with a sealed bottom or open ended, and when paired with our caps and plugs, they become the perfect reusable package.

Sealed Bottom Clear Plastic Tubes

Sealed Bottom Plastic Tubes are our most common type of plastic packaging tube. This made-to-order item allows the customer to specify the length of their package to ensure their product will fit inside perfectly. A clear plastic base is applied to one side of the package creating a strong permanent seal, and one corresponding Cap or Plug is applied to the open end to complete the package. Applying just one cap or plug reduces labor and assembly cost, making it the ideal economical solution for any application.

Offerings Include:

Open Ended Clear Plastic Tubes

Open Ended Plastic Tubes offer a more symmetrical look by utilizing two Plug Caps to close each end. This item can be made-to-order, where the customer specifies the length of the tube, or they can be purchased in prepackaged cases of 18” lengths. When ordered by the case, customers have the ability to cut tubes to their desired length with a pair of scissors. Prepackaged cases are a great option for customers who are unsure of their required length, or who have a need for small quantities of varying lengths of tubes.

Offerings Include: