PETG Stock Plastic Tubes

Petro Packaging Co. Inc. offers stock crystal clear tubing manufactured from Clear PETG Copolymer (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol). PETG offers a combination of features and benefits you won’t find with other materials. The material’s durability, ease of processing and fabricating, low cost, and clarity proves PETG to be an ideal material solution for the retail packaging market. Additional benefits of PETG material include its high chemical resistance, good impact strength, and long functional life. It is environmentally friendly and FDA approved! These tubes are beneficial for customers with an immediate need for tubing used in various industrial, Point-of-Purchase displays, or prototype applications. Custom diameters and lengths can be quoted upon request!
5 Stock Plastic Tubes

Custom diameters and Lengths can be quoted upon request!

Stocked in pre-packed cartons of 6 FT Length pieces specified below – please call or email [email protected] to order.

For small box quantities available for purchase online, click here.

Sizes Offered:

3/85/161/32150900PETG PPS38Axx
3/81/41/16150900PETG PPS38Bxx
1/27/161/3285510PETG PPS12Axx
1/23/181/1685510PETG PPS12Bxx
5/89/161/3260360PETG PPS58Axx
5/81/21/1660360PETG PPS58Bxx
3/411/161/3240240PETG PPS34Axx
3/45/81/1640240PETG PPS34Bxx
115/161/3263378PETG PPS1Axx
17/81/1663378PETG PPS1Bxx
1 1/41 3/161/3242252PETG PPS114Axx
1 1/41 1/81/1642252PETG PPS114Bxx
1 1/21 7/161/3225150PETG PPS112Axx
1 1/21 3/81/1625150PETG PPS112Bxx
1 3/41 5/81/1620120PETG PPS134Axx
1 3/41 5/81/1620120PETG PPS134Bxx
21 15/161/321696PETG PPS2Axx
21 7/81/161696PETG PPS2Bxx
2 1/22 7/161/32954PETG PPS212Axx
2 1/22 3/81/16954PETG PPS212Bxx
32 15/161/32636PETG PPS3Axx
32 7/81/16636PETG PPS3Bxx

Cap and Plug images, descriptions and color choices can be found on our Caps and Plugs page.

Material Offered:

This product is manufactured from Clear PETG Copolymer (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) which is approved by the FDA for contact with food and pharmaceuticals.