Added Value for Plastic Tubes

We offer a number of added value services, including in-line and off-line finishing processes. Our design capabilities are limitless and by utilizing Petro’s fabrication and printing services, we can meet your most specific product requirements. Call us today for a free consultation to find out whether your specialty product can be manufactured at our facility!

Printing and Labeling

Many consumer products designed for retail display require some form of brand recognition and identification. Company logos, insignias, and product instructions provide the information necessary to promote your product at the point of purchase. Add these valuable pieces of information to your custom plastic tube or plastic packaging tube by utilizing our offset printing or labeling capabilities.

Printing Capabilities: 

360 Degree Coverage 1 or 2 Color Designs Sealed Bottom or Open Ended Low minimums

Labeling Capabilities:

360 Degree Coverage Opaque Designs Sealed Bottom or Open Ended Low Minimums

Slitting, Routing, Drilling and Hole Punching

Some products require more than one manufacturing process to obtain the customer’s desired function. These applications usually require an extruded custom plastic tube or plastic packaging tube be modified in a number of ways. We offer a variety of secondary processes to ensure those customers can obtain the exact product they desire. Our team of engineers design tooling that allows us to drill or punch holes, mill slots, route chamfers, or slit open most of our tubing.