Shaped Sealed Bottom

Shaped sealed tubes are often utilized to prevent the package and its contents from rolling when placed on a horizontal surface. We offer a variety of shaped containers which provide a unique look while protecting your products. This made-to-order item allows the customer to specify the length of their package to ensure their product will fit inside perfectly. A clear plastic base is applied to one side of the package creating a strong permanent seal, and one corresponding plug cap is applied to the open end to completed the package. Applying just one plug cap reduces labor and assembly cost making it the ideal economical solution for any application.

Shaped Sealed Bottom Tubes

Select Diameter:

SquareAverage IDWall ThicknessAverage OD
1 1/81.0890.0181.125
TriangleAverage IDWall ThicknessAverage OD

Material Offered:

This product is manufactured from Clear Tenite™ CAP (Cellulose Acetate Propionate) which is approved by the FDA for contact with food and pharmaceuticals.