Top 10 Packaging Companies to Watch in 2024

Posted on October 9, 2023

The global packaging market is forecasted to reach $1.05 trillion in 2024. This signifies the industry’s robust growth. It also shows the increasing demand for innovative packaging solutions.

As the industry grows, it’s important to pay attention to the top players driving transformation. Keep reading to find out the top 10 packaging companies worth watching closely in 2024.

1. Petro Packaging Company Inc.

Nestled in the heart of Northern New Jersey, Petro Packaging Company Inc. stands as a third-generation, family-owned and operated enterprise. They’re pioneers in the use of materials like CAB, CAP, and PETG in extrusion.

With 40-plus years of experience, they’re your go-to company for plastic tubes and profiles. Their adaptability is a key strength as they serve diverse industries, including:

  • Cosmetic
  • Medical
  • Mailing and shipping

Petro Packaging also recognizes the importance of eco-friendly options. To stay on top of trends, they continue to develop sustainable packaging materials.

2. Amcor Plc.

With a rich history dating back to the 1860s, Amcor Plc. is a global leader in the packaging industry. As you look ahead to 2024, Amcor deserves your attention. This is thanks to its sustainable initiatives.

Their experts are innovating recyclable solutions for traditionally non-recyclable products, like flexible packaging. Over 83% of their global flexible packaging now has recyclable alternatives. The company is also reducing operational waste through its EnviroAction program.

Amcor also offers diverse packaging across sectors such as food, beverage, and more. Their extensive portfolio caters to various industries’ unique needs.

Additionally, Amcor merged with Bemis Company in 2019. The acquisition solidified its position as the global leader in consumer packaging. It enhanced their capabilities to deliver value to shareholders and customers.

3. Paper Mart

When it comes to non-plastic packaging, Paper Mart is the company to focus on in 2024. With a legacy dating back to 1921, Paper Mart brings over 100 years of industry experience to the table. Located in Orange, California, Paper Mart serves customers worldwide.

Paper Mart has more than 12,000 packaging options. It caters to various industries, including food, cosmetics, dispensary, and industrial sectors. The company ensures efficiency and quality in every product.

4. WestRock Company

WestRock takes the lead in sustainable fiber-based packaging solutions. The company has a vast team of about 58,000 members and billions of packages circulating. As a result, they’re driving progress toward a more circular, sustainable economy.

Their team comprises materials scientists, packaging designers, mechanical engineers, and manufacturing experts. These experts leverage cutting-edge technology to lead innovation in packaging.

With over 300 production facilities worldwide, WestRock’s reach is extensive. They use their size and scale to collaborate as one cohesive unit. This packaging company also partners with customers to achieve their sustainability objectives.

5. Sealed Air Corporation

Sealed Air Corporation is a must-watch company in 2024. What truly distinguishes the company is its holistic approach.

They don’t just provide packaging materials; they offer end-to-end packaging services. The company partners with businesses to tailor solutions to their unique needs. This positions them as a company that can adapt to evolving market demands.

With iconic products like Bubble Wrap and Cryovac food packaging, Sealed Air’s legacy is remarkable. But what will truly stand out in 2024 is their dedication to sustainability.

The paper products they offer are made from renewable fibers. They’re also completely crafted from recycled materials.

6. Veritiv Corporation

Headquartered in Atlanta, Veritiv Corporation is a Fortune 500 packaging manufacturer and supplier. It’s poised to be a top packaging company to watch in 2024. This is thanks to their innovation, sustainability, and exceptional service.

One key reason to keep an eye on Veritiv is its extensive range of packaging solutions. From e-commerce to hygiene packaging, they cater to a diverse clientele. They’re your go-to choice if you’re looking for comprehensive packaging services.

Veritiv’s dedication to environmental responsibility is another standout feature. The company engages in collaborations aimed at introducing sustainable packaging solutions.

7. Graphic Packaging Holding Company

Graphic Packaging Holding Company is a standout packaging company in 2024. With a history of over 100 years, they’ve demonstrated their prowess in the packaging sector.

One compelling reason to keep a close eye on them is their extensive product portfolio. They are one of the largest manufacturers of paperboard and paper-based packaging. From food to personal and pet care, they serve globally recognized brands.

Graphic Packaging’s commitment to sustainability is another noteworthy feature. They emphasize renewable, recycled, and recyclable materials. As a result, they align with the increasing demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions.

With over 130 facilities worldwide, Graphic Packaging has a massive global reach. This ensures that they can adapt to the ever-changing packaging trends.

8. Sonoco Products Company

With a global footprint spanning 85 countries, you can’t ignore Sonoco’s influence. Its strength lies in its diverse product range. These include:

  • Consumer products packaging
  • Protective packaging
  • Healthcare packaging
  • Industrial products like adhesives and tubes

They offer comprehensive packaging solutions for various sectors. Sonoco also stands out for its ability to meet the dynamic demands of the packaging industry.

9. Greif, Inc.

If you’re looking for a reliable industrial packaging organization in 2024, Greif, Inc. is your go-to. They produce steel drums, jerry cans, and plastic containers.

What sets Greif apart is their strong commitment to sustainability. They aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 28%. What’s more, they seek to make all their products recyclable by 2030.

Additionally, the company focuses on growth and innovation. This is thanks to the strategic expansion through the acquisition of Centurion.

10. Crown Holdings, Inc.

Crown Holdings expertise in metal packaging. It offers solutions for the food, beverage, and aerosol industries.

The packaging organization specializes in a comprehensive range of transit packaging services. This includes packing, bundling, unitizing, warehousing, and transportation across 23 countries. Their expansive footprint demonstrates their commitment to providing end-to-end packaging solutions for all your needs.

Stay Ahead of the Curve With the Top 10 Packaging Companies

The packaging industry is in for an exciting year in 2024. From sustainable to smart packaging, these top 10 packaging companies are driving innovation. Ensure you choose the one that suits your products and needs.

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