Black Postal Tubes and Their Uses: When Your Packages Need Better Protection

Posted on May 13, 2024

Any company that uses branding and campaigns probably also mails product samples to their customers. Besides commercial product postage needs, service companies also send important packages across the country and internationally.

Inevitably, the contents of these packages are important, requiring extra protection that simple cardboard tubing does not provide. Consequently, we produce black postal tubes to resolve protection and branding issues.

Our services cover small to large company packaging needs, so read on to discover the many uses of black postal tubes and how using them can benefit your business.

Black Postal Tubes

What Are Black Postal Tubes Exactly?

First off, it is useful to understand what black postal tubes are. These tubes are cylindrical packaging items that are made from durable plastic. Our customers can fit them with different plugs and caps to secure the contents in transit.

Examples of the caps and plugs that secure the ends of these packaging cylinders include slip-on, plug, hanging, or metal threaded types. What caps or plugs you order will depend on personal preferences and needs. But no matter what products you order to secure the internal tube contents, they will protect them in transit.

What Are These Tubes Made Of?

Many individual and business customers use cardboard postal tubes, but that’s not what we do. While cardboard tubes work for items that require a little more protection than envelopes or are ideal for items that don’t fit in envelopes, they have drawbacks. Cardboard gets wet, dents easily, and can sustain damage to the shell, which can harm the contents.

In contrast, we make our black postal tubes from durable plastic. We designed this material specifically to protect even the most sensitive items. You won’t find that the tube dents, breaks, or cracks very easily. Although plastic offers greater protection from moisture, our products are not waterproof.

Ultimately, you can confidently order black postal tubes to safeguard your products. And yes, we consult with you to manufacture the best black postal tubes and caps to ensure your goods reach their destinations intact.

Can I Customize My Black Postal Tubes?

Of course, you can. We offer standard sizes for typical items that customers send through the national mail service. These tubes are designed in accordance with the United States Postal Service (USPS) requirements, so there is no guesswork necessary on your part. If you know the weight of the contents, it also makes it easier for you to calculate your overall overheads for specific items or campaigns.

Lengths and Sizes

Besides typical stock sizes, we can customize black postal tubes for your specific requirements. So, if you’re dealing with awkward product shapes, we can make tubes longer or shorter or adjust the diameters for use with independent courier services. Whatever your needs, we are there to do everything possible to meet them from our side.

Other Modifications

You can discuss other modifications to these tubes with us. For example, we will confirm where we can assist if you want a different-shaped tube or one with open ends, holes, or other changes.

The Many Uses of Black Postal Tubes

Strange as it may seem, this humble container has multiple uses across industries and sectors. Most companies base their uses on the 3 Ps of packaging: protecting the product, preserving its integrity, and presenting it in the best possible light. So, against this background, it becomes clearer that this simple cylinder is far more than just a container for shipping items. But, back to the uses of these tubes…

Important Paperwork

Shipping valuable paperwork is the most obvious use for black postal tubes. From legal documents to architectural drawings, educational items, artwork, blueprints for equipment, and more, if it can be rolled up, it can be stored and shipped in these tubes.

Promotional Items

If you’re running a campaign with cosmetics as gifts or prizes, you’ll want to safeguard these items. Alternatively, you may want to send branded gifts like golf balls, keyrings, pens, or something similar to customers to use as promotional materials.

But nothing speaks of sloppiness in marketing as much as sending damaged goods to customers. Instead, black postal tubes that ship through USPS or private couriers are the ideal way to send promotional items to customers that get to their destination intact.

Awkward Or Exceptionally Long Shapes

Black postal tubes are ideal for sending items with strange shapes, like oval cosmetic holders or tools for mechanical work. Not to be confined to these items, our customers order these cylinders to send many other items, like glass or plastic bottles and their contents.

Theater and filmmaking props often fit this category. Whether the items are magic wands, walking sticks, or something else, these tubes are a natural choice for shipping or storing items safely.

Brand Awareness

You can customize your tubes by adding your company name and logo to increase brand awareness. Other than a brand name and logo to support identifying the origins, you can include labels on your postal tubes to indicate whether the contents are promotional or otherwise.


Besides shipping purposes, black postal tubes are perfect for storing things like maps, blueprints, or artwork. Many customers also appreciate them for their recyclable characteristics, often using them to store arts and crafts, DIY equipment, and office or gardening items.

Adding Value With Black Postal Tubes

Whether you’re a business owner, procurement specialist, warehouse manager, inventory specialist, or are in some other field, you probably need black postal tubes. These tubes are vital for shipping, storing, and protecting goods while adding value to your company’s brand.

Petro Packaging Co. Inc. is the perfect place to start if you need black postal tubes to ship promotional gifts, store documents, or anything else. We offer once-off orders and focus on building long-lasting relationships with our customers, so contact us now to help you achieve your goals.