4 Benefits Of Cosmetic Tube Packaging

Posted on December 11, 2023

When it comes to cosmetics, how you present your products is just as important as the ingredients you put inside them. In 2022, the sales of cosmetic tubes represented 8% of the global cosmetic packaging’s $30 million market.

Cosmetic tube packaging is a durable, versatile, and innovative way to brand and package cosmetics. From airless pump tube cosmetic packaging to aluminum tube cosmetic packaging, options are available to suit every need. You can even find custom cosmetic plastic tube packaging options for added appeal.

Want to know more about the benefits of cosmetic tube packaging? Keep reading to discover four great benefits below.

cosmetic tube packaging

1. Product Protection

Safeguarding your cosmetic products is paramount. They do so in several different ways, including:

  • Protective barriers
  • Air-tight seals
  • Contaminant prevention

Cosmetic tube packaging effectively provides superior product protection for your cosmetic products.

Protective Barrier

With cosmetic packaging tubes, you get a tube that is lightweight for shipping while also being sturdy. The shatter-proof tubing provides a protective barrier. This will keep delicate products safe if they are accidentally dropped.

Durable plastic cosmetic tube packaging is also ideal to use for protecting products while traveling. Consumers are able to throw these products into a purse or suitcase without worrying about the packaging breaking in transit.

Air-Tight Seal

Keeping air out of your cosmetic products like lotions and serums is essential for maintaining the integrity of the product inside. Many cosmetic packaging tubes come with metal threaded caps or plug caps for superior product sealing. This can help create more air-tight packaging for your cosmetic products.

Contaminant Prevention

The right cosmetic tube packaging is also adept at keeping out contaminants such as dirt, dust, and other airborne environmental particles that can affect the quality of your products. These tubes keep contaminants at bay. They are easy to wipe clean after each use to prevent the spread of impurities into the user’s skin and the product itself.

2. Controlled Product Dispensing and Better Hygiene

Cosmetic tube packaging allows you to control the amount of product that is dispensed each time a product is used. Airless pump tube cosmetic packaging lets consumers access a small amount of product each time the pump is pushed down. This ensures the consumer is getting the right amount of product and not a huge glob all at once, which can be wasteful.

Having cosmetic packaging tubes that allow for a more controlled dispensing amount also helps with product hygiene. If only a small amount comes out at a time, this reduces the risk of the entire product becoming contaminated each time it is opened.

Some cosmetic packaging tubes even have built-in applicators or brushes for cosmetics like lip gloss. With frequent use, these brushes and applicators can accrue a layer of product build-up and other external contaminants. These applicators are easy to clean between uses, keeping your cosmetic products more hygienic for use over time.

By reducing the amount of product that comes into direct contact with a consumer’s hands and fingers, you can also cut down on the amount of bacteria and oils introduced into the product itself. This increases overall product hygiene.

3. Increased Sustainability

Single-use plastics are damaging to the environment. If they aren’t recycled, they will sit in landfills indefinitely. They will also leech microplastics into the environment.

Consumers are showing a growing concern for environmental conservation and sustainability, especially relating to product packaging. A 2023 survey found that 82% of consumers reported a desire to pay more for products with sustainable packaging. Consumers in the 18-24 age group represent a 90% increase in this area when it comes to sustainable packaging options.

This means that using packaging that is easily recyclable or reusable is key. Most of the materials used in manufacturing Petro Packaging products are recyclable. For example, Polyethylene terephthalate glycol or PET-G is a more eco-friendly cosmetic tube packaging solution to PET plastics.

PET-G contains glycol, which makes it more flexible, durable, and cost-effective when compared to standard PET plastic. PET-G also requires less energy and fewer resources to manufacture. It is readily recyclable so it is a more eco-friendly clear packaging alternative.

Other eco-friendly packaging options include:

  • Cellulose acetate propionate (CAP)
  • Cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Polylactic Acid (PLA)

Brands that use eco-friendly packaging options attract eco-conscious consumers. This demonstrates a brand’s commitment to a higher environmental responsibility. You don’t have to sacrifice quality and durability for sustainability, either.

4. Customization for Branding and Marketing

Custom plastic tubes let you specialize your product packaging in various ways. For instance, you can choose different sizes based on the type and amount of product you’re packaging. You can also select from unique shapes like:

  • rectangular
  • oval
  • square
  • round

Having different sizes and shapes helps you differentiate your product from other brands. This means you can stand out more on store shelves and catch the eyes of consumers passing by. Clear plastic cosmetic tube packaging also allows you to show off your product from every angle.

Another great benefit is that these tubes can be customized with your branding and logos. Branding is a vital marketing element. 75% of consumers recognize a brand on its logo alone, while 80% recognize a brand based solely on color schemes.

Petro Packaging can help you with your branding and marketing efforts. We offer offset printing and labeling capabilities. We have low minimums for 360º coverage opaque labeling and printing in 1 or 2-color designs for sealed bottom or open-ended packaging designs.

We can also utilize slitting, drilling, routing, and hole punching. This way, you can be sure you have a product that is modified to fit your needs and functionality.

Fulfill Your Cosmetic Tube Packaging Needs with Petro Packaging Company

Plastic tube packaging cosmetics is a smart choice. With durability, sustainability, and customization, you can create product packaging you can be proud of. Your customers will also appreciate the convenience and the protection.

Petro Packaging Company is here for all of your cosmetic tube packaging needs. Whether you are looking for stock plastic tubes or more custom options, we can help you make your cosmetic packaging tubes look their absolute best. This will give you a competitive advantage.

If you’re ready to discuss your cosmetic plastic tube packaging needs, contact us to request a quote or a free sample today.