Transparent Bank Drive Up Tubes At Petro Packaging

Posted on October 11, 2021

guy grabbing a bank drive up tubeThe trade-off of safety and convenience is something we all manage every day. You want things that are convenient but you also want them to be safe. Banking is an area where safety and convenience are ever-changing.

You want to provide a safe experience at your bank for your customers but you also want it to be easy and convenient. Giving people the ability to have both is where bank drive-up tubes can help.

People can do most of their banking without having to get out of the car. This makes it more convenient for them. The added benefit of clear bank tubes is they feel safer watching their transaction travel inside.

Clear banking tubes provide many benefits to banks. If you need clear bank drive up tubes, contact us here to get a quote.

Now, let’s learn a little more about them and how they can help your bank serve its customers in today’s health safety environment.

Pneumatic Tubes

Drive-up tubes are actually pneumatic tubes. This is a system of tubing where cyclical-shaped objects are propelled through the tube. They are propelled either with compressed air or with a partial vacuum system.

The air gives the object the ability to go through tubing that is usually reserved for liquids only. This technology became accepted in the late 19th century. It saw a boom in offices during the 20th century.

The great thing about the tubes is they are sturdy, long-lasting, and can be installed over long distances. The plastic tubing used for the deliveries can be of different sizes and shapes based on the needs of the company.

Today pneumatic tubes are seeing a comeback because of their ability to provide safe and secure delivery of items. Many retail stores use pneumatic tubing to deliver money securely across the store.

Hospitals have also implemented tubes to deliver drugs across the campus so they can be protected. Some offices still use this system to deliver sensitive papers so they don’t go out on the internet.

Tubes even have the capabilities to deliver larger items. Many factories use pneumatic tubes to deliver parts across large facilities. Their systems are often larger to handle bigger deliveries through the tubes.

Bank Drive-up Tubes

Drive-through banking has been one of the most consistent uses of the pneumatic tube delivery system. The ability to help customers do their banking without having to get out of the car has been very successful.

This has also helped banks to open up multiple stations for their drive-thru bank. They no longer have to rely on a single window, but can help more people at once.

This also gives the bank the ability to have one person work multiple bank tube stations. While they are waiting for a customer’s deposit, they can help another customer in between.

This is a benefit for the customers and for the bank. Customers spend less time waiting in line and the bank doesn’t have to hire as many tellers.

Many people still prefer to go to their bank to do much of their banking even with other technology available. One of the main reasons is the security that they feel by doing it themselves and not doing it online.

When a bank makes it very convenient for their customers to come by, it is a win for both. Customers feel safe handling their transactions themselves and the bank keeps satisfied customers.

Banking Health Concerns

Drive-through banking exploded during the COVID lockdowns. Now that many of the restrictions have been lifted, many people still prefer to go to the drive-thru instead of going inside.

With safety being at the forefront of so many people’s minds, bank tubes give them the ability to handle banking and not be around people. Many customers want to speak to someone but don’t want to come in contact with them.

Bank tubing gives them the ability to do just that. Plus, many banks are adding a screen where customers can see the teller they are working with. This gives them the personal connection they want without having to be in person.

As you invest in your drive-through banking abilities, you are showing your customers that their health is one of your top concerns.

Better Tubes Sustained

Many consumers have become very conscious of the use of plastics in their products. One of their biggest concerns is the staying power of plastics in landfills.

The great thing about many new plastics is they are recyclable. Many of the bank drive-up tubes are made out of recyclable plastic. This can help the companies who are concerned about their environmental impact.

They can also let their customers know what they are doing to lessen their carbon footprint in the world. In fact, many cosmetic companies are investing in recyclable plastics for their products to lessen their footprint.

The Personal Touch

One of the greatest strengths of banks has always been in providing a personal touch to their customers. Customers want to know that you are working hard to help them as they live their daily lives.

Bank drive-up tubes can help you communicate your personal touch to your customers. You can provide them a safe way to conduct their bank business, that is convenient for their schedule.

Many people are looking for more of a personal touch in this digital economy. Let your bank, be the one that wins people over with convenient safe banking.

Our recyclable tubing has been an industry standard for years. Contact us and let us help you make your bank a winning option for your customers.