Why Should Customers Seriously Consider Eco-Friendly Tube Packaging?

Posted on June 3, 2024

Consumers and manufacturers are quickly realizing the benefits of using eco-friendly tube packaging that supports healthy environments. So, where some plastics are harmful to the environment, others are safe for the world around us and human and animal health. This is why it is important to consider switching to eco-friendly tube packaging for shipping or storing products to promote sustainable practices in plastic and packaging.

eco friendly clear packaging

What Does Eco-Friendly Mean?

Being eco-friendly means making decisions that support a sustainable ecosystem. We all want to live in a safer, healthier world where we don’t need to worry about whether or not our food, products, or packaging are beneficial or harmful to us and our surroundings. Sadly, the knowledge of safe plastics and manufacturing practices is taking a long time to become mainstream.

However, some companies have been considering eco-friendly products longer than most. Petro Packaging Co. Inc. is one of these companies. Even though we started our journey with PETG and other materials in the 1960s, we have grown more conscious of sustainability practices. Despite the era of these beginnings, our PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol) products were and remain bisphenol A (BPA-free).

Regarding being eco-friendly, this term means causing no damage or as little as possible harm to the environment from the start of making the product to the end of its lifetime. We believe we have achieved that goal with our eco-friendly tube packaging, which is why we encourage our customers to make healthier choices when purchasing these products.

Cardboard Eco-Friendly Tube Packaging

Although cardboard tube packaging is often touted as an eco-friendly choice (and it is), forests are still cut down to make paper and cardboard. Despite these drawbacks, cardboard tube packaging is an excellent choice for shipping and storing items.

Besides being cost-effective and useful, cardboard degrades faster than PETG products. It also typically does not offer the same protection as PETG eco-friendly tube packaging. Consequently, when you need more secure packaging for shipping contents than cardboard provides, the solution is to opt for PETG tubes.

What Is PETG Packaging?

PETG is a polyester-based material that comes from petroleum, to which glycol is added to produce a specific outcome. Both petroleum and glycol are organic, so they are gentle on the environment.

Why Should You Use Eco-Friendly Tube Packaging?

There are multiple reasons why you should start using eco-friendly tube packaging. No matter what product you wish to package, the benefits of this technology are extensive, as is obvious from the list below.


When products are organic, they are natural. PETG tube packaging is processed using organic materials, which degrade naturally over an extensive lifespan.


Because PETG tube packaging is created from organic materials, it is eco-friendly and completely recyclable. These qualities ensure its ongoing appeal to customers who want to contribute positively to the environment while conducting business.


Unlike BPA plastics, eco-friendly products like PETG are safe for people and the environment. No waste is generated during the manufacturing process of these products, enhancing their overall benefits.

Likewise, PETG does not generate unpleasant odors or produce toxic fumes. Additionally, eco-friendly tube packaging made from PETG is fire-resistant, adding to its safety. A side effect of this feature is that it helps to protect contents from fire damage.

Besides these aspects, many PETG products are approved by the FDA. This approval means you can order eco-friendly tube packaging to protect the environment, which is also safe for packaging foods for human and animal use.


PETG is durable and robust, ensuring that any packaging made from this material offers high levels of protection. Besides helping to secure contents, this eco-friendly tube packaging is reliable for re-use over its lifetime.


Because petroleum and glycol are renewable resources, using recyclable organic materials for eco-friendly tube packaging is a sustainable practice. As a result, everyone benefits, from the environment to business owners and consumers.

Cost Savings

Another reason to use biodegradable tube packaging is the cost. Whatever product you use to store or ship your content or package your medical supplies, toys, documents, and other items, tube packaging is affordable. It is cost-effective to produce these tube packages, and it typically saves businesses money in the long run because of sustainability, less material usage, and lower shipping costs.

Consumer Values

Environmentally conscious consumers have high standards regarding where they spend their money. When businesses show their customers that they are actively pursuing sustainable practices, they are more likely to receive their support because lowering the environmental impact of production aligns with eco-friendly values.

Brand Recognition

Tube packaging is an opportunity to enhance brand recognition. Whatever you wish to store or ship in these tubes, you can improve your marketing efforts with labeling and information.

Between your company name and logo, adding other product information to the packaging is possible, which increases brand recognition and reliability. Use these tools in line with consumer values and brand reputation, and you develop a winning combination.

Brand Reputation

Eco-friendly tube packaging goes far beyond the above aspects. So while these features are critical for the environment, they are also essential for maintaining or building a reputable brand.

When consumers see that you are serious about sustainable business practices and protecting the environment, they find your products more appealing. In turn, this responsible behavior generates a greater interest in your products, resulting in more spending on your products.

Prepare For A New Decade of Eco-Friendly Tube Packaging

Packaging is never just packaging. It is a valuable product addition that offers content protection and safety. Beyond these advantages, eco-friendly tube packaging sends the clear message that you are running an ethical business based on sustainable practices.

When you are ready to change to tube packaging that aligns with these values, benefits, and opportunities, Petro Packaging Co. Inc. is ready to help. With more than 80 years in the packaging industry, we are the go-to choice for a massive customer base. Contact us to discuss your eco-friendly tube packaging needs and become one of our valued customers.